Amy Fisher Hodges came to work for me at the Meadows over 20 years ago when she was just entering the counseling field. I saw her progress to becoming one of the finest counselors I have known.    

She possesses a very special empathy for her clients. Her ability as a therapist is complemented by her outstanding ability to lecture and to teach. 

After her time at The Meadows, she entered private practice and traveled extensively lecturing and conducting workshops. I have followed her career and I’ve been very impressed by her ability to adapt to various situations and to produce consistently high-quality results. I am confident that she will excel in any venture she attempts.

Amy has always maintained the highest standards of ethics in her work and in her private life.

From James “Pat” Mellody, Executive Director of The Meadows

Amy’s gentle and loving spirit has provided a safe haven for me to discover the wounds and tears that have weighed heavily on me and have held me back. There is a comforting lightness to Amy’s tender approach — she allows me to tackle my difficulties at the pace I am comfortable with. But her kind encouragement leads me to want to move forward because I so often experience the freedom and joy that comes as a result of our work together.

Amy inspires me to be courageous and confident in my walk — to actually love the challenge of uncovering and healing my childhood wounds. Her kind guidance has helped me embrace my whole self and to honor the sweet little child within me.

My work with her has profoundly changed my life in so many wonderful ways. It has been, and continues to be, a journey of love and kindness to myself, which I am then able to pass on to others.

What a joy and blessing my work with Amy has been! I will be forever grateful to God for this precious gift. Giving yourself the gift of working with Amy will truly be one of the highlights of your life. It certainly has been for me!

From L, patient

Amy has been my therapist for the last 15 years. 

She is intuitive, caring, loving, quickly focuses in on the problem, and has profound integrity.

I have and will continue to put my emotional well-being in her care. My life and my relationships have improved dramatically because of the work that I have done with her. Through the years, I have recommended many friends with an absolute sense of trust that they will get the best care possible.

From N, patient

Years ago, I found myself in the middle of a life crisis: diagnosed with breast cancer, separated from my husband and my whole family riddled with physical illness. A close friend told me about Amy Hodges and how powerful her work is. I made an appointment with Amy and I began my journey of life-healing, and the exploration of healthy possibilities of a life well-examined.

Amy is usually described as having powerful and spiritually-inspired talents.

To work with Amy is what I would call an adventure! There is pain and struggle, to be sure, but she keeps a sense of wonder and encouragement ever present in the process.

Her insights, guidance, intelligence and gentle encouragement have walked me through the toughest challenges life brings to each of us. I sit in wonder at her uncanny recall and comprehensive grasp of family history and its complicated dynamics which can thwart even the most determined forward progress.

I know many of her clients and all agree that moving with her toward health and balance is an experience of trust, honesty, spirituality and an abiding appreciation of standing in your own truth.

From C, patient

The work of Amy did with me absolutely changed my life by ridding me of the effects of a childhood abuse issue that had plagued me for literally 50 years.

This issue had been addressed by me in Twelve Step work in 1988 and in 20 subsequent years, the issue had improved but not to the point of having no negative influence on my emotions, and the resulting negative behavior which affected me and those close to me. 

Amy was amazing in her ability to enable me to get to uncomfortable places I had previously been unwilling and/or unable to go.

 By working with Amy, I was able to see the “truth” of the events and how I was reacting in a harmful way. Her guidance allowed me to completely rid myself of its harmful affects.

She truly has a special gift for what she does. I would enthusiastically recommend Amy to anyone seeking help.

From J, patient