Amy Fisher Hodges specializes in adult dysfunctional behaviors such as addictions, depression and relationship problems. It is important to identify the wounds and core patterns that fuel our self-destructive behaviors in order to heal and release unresolved issues and past conflicts  It is Amy’s belief and experience that by addressing these issues, we can be free to become fully present in our lives as well as learn to enjoy more fulfilling relationships and attain emotional freedom. 

Balanced Health Wellness Center is pleased to welcome Amy Fisher Hodges, well known therapist from Dallas, Texas, to their San Antonio location.

‘Over the last two decades in Dallas, Amy’s success has been widely recognized and we’re excited to be a part of spreading her healing insight to our San Antonio residents,” said Stephanie Ecke, her partner at the center.

Learn about the Pathways of Recovery Experiential Workshop led by Amy and Stephanie Ecke.